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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
One More Time

You're here again. It always happens this way, you know. Of course you know. You've been here before. You'll be here again. But it seems like you're learning. It's the frenzy, the energy that explodes out of you like a nova, and the fall, the crushing bleakness that burns across the skin and makes you want to huddle in the corner, trembling and weeping. Always they're paired. It varies, how strong each part is. But always, always they're together. You begin to backslide, and you don't know how to stop it. How to fight it. But it seems like you're learning. You're starting to figure out that you can't fight it. You bend it. You sublimate it. You deny it battle. That's how you win. But you can't just hide. You can't just retreat. You've tried that before. You've walked this road. You drop your weapons and your barriers, you shed your tears, and you struggle on. It's not about war. It's about peace.

Some day you'll get where you're going. Until then, it's all about perseverence. It's all about doing what you've got to do, even if it hurts. Because you know yourself. You aren't perfect - better than anyone else, you know that's true. You've skinned your knees and your elbows, and rubbed your hands raw from standing back up again. You've fallen so many times. But you try. You do what's right, whatever it takes. And if you get a bloody lip, if you end up on your ass bruised and beaten, you grin. Because even if you had to get your chops busted doing what you knew was right to do, you still got the better deal. And you get back up, brush yourself off, and do it again.

Because that's who you are. You spend a lot of time hiding. A lot of time hoping. A lot of time doing nothing more useful than pretending. But you know that beside all that imperfection you've got wandering around in your soul, you've got something greater. You're unstoppable. You're indefatigable. Things seem to go your way. That's an illusion. You make it yourself, because you can get past the darkness and into the light, shaking off the fear and worry like a wet dog sheds water. In the end, you know, you'll make it. Everything will be okay. You'll carry your scars, but you'll be able to do it with pride. They'll be your war medals, proof that hell came and high water came, and you still won through.

You're here again. But not for long. Some day, you'll get to where you're going. Until then, just enjoy the ride, patch up your knees, and with a smile and a nod give your best to everyone you meet. You know you will.

It's what you do.

Posted at 10:04 am by Saladin

April 21, 2006   06:05 PM PDT
I, for one, won't often post anything unless I can write something (I think is) clever. Or something that (I think) needs to be said.

I don't often make "good entry" posts, either. I figure if I comment regularly, it's implied that I both like the blog and visit it frequently.

Besides, I can tell when I've written a good entry. If I get no comments and/or no one else likes the entry, then fuck 'em anyway. Right?
April 21, 2006   02:50 PM PDT
Who am I kidding? Anyone's blog who has both "Loneliest" and "Moistest" in the title is bound to live up to one of the two. Sometimes (usually) both. Because it's loneliness makes it cry itself to sleep and then cry itself awake every morning. They cycle continues when it sees the most of its friends don't comment which makes it think that none of them read it, either.
April 21, 2006   10:23 AM PDT
Beautiful if not vague. You always bring out a smile just when its needed. Thank you.
April 21, 2006   08:28 AM PDT
April 21, 2006   06:48 AM PDT
Yeah, and really, what could one say to it?

April 21, 2006   05:42 AM PDT
cool post luv it LOLZ k ttyl

April 20, 2006   11:09 PM PDT
Only one comment. Why is that? Too abstract or something?
April 19, 2006   06:43 AM PDT
I would write something profound here, but you just caused my brain to temporarily shut down.

So, instead, I shall simply state that I am rendered speechless.

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